Cacoa St. Lucie to satisfy your chocolate craving at CWA 2016

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Cacoa Sainte Lucie is an organic chocolate making agri-business that will be on display at Caribbean Week of Agriculture  in the Cayman Islands, 24-28 October, 2016.

Cacoa Sainte Lucie is a small batch bean to bar chocolate operation, that has a line of five organic chocolate bars permeated with local island flavours. The owner of this decadent business is Lina Maria Jackson who professes to have a great love affair with chocolate.

“My Love affair with chocolate started as a little girl visiting my sister’s cocoa farm at the Fond Doux Estate. I was absolutely fascinated and took a keen interest to these strange looking pods growing in abundance on the cocoa trees. I was always excited to see these pods change into these bright vibrant colours once ripe and finally breaking the fruit to enjoy the sweet pulp found around the beans. At that point in my life, I had no idea that after processing these beans the end result was chocolate. I acquired the knowledge and skills of making chocolate and decided I wanted Saint Lucia to experience the deep exotic flavour found in our island grown cocoa beans. Cocoa has long been part of Saint Lucia’s history and culture but the potential of processing these precious beans and making chocolate right here in Saint Lucia has never been fully explored,” she said.

According to Lina, Cacoa Sainte Lucie is dedicated to becoming the premier provider of high quality chocolate products to the local, Regional and international market. She says she plans to keep the business relevant and sustainable by staying up to date with what is happening on a global economic level.

Feel free to go get your chocolate fix at the Cacoa Sainte Lucie booth at the CWA!

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