UN experts mark international Women’s Day saying equal rights should top agenda

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(Photo via IWD 2017)
(Photo via IWD 2017)

GENEVA  – A group of United Nations women’s human rights experts* are urging governments around the world to give the issue of women’s rights to equality high visibility and top political priority.

They say the struggle to end discrimination against women remains an unfinished agenda despite notable achievements since International Women’s Day was first observed over a century ago.

“The continuing existence of direct and indirect discrimination, both visible and invisible, is responsible for women lagging behind in a number of fields,” the experts said.**

Speaking in advance of International Women’s Day on 8 March they noted that, although discriminatory laws have been repealed in many countries, such laws – especially those governing family life – are still in force in many others. Some countries have a lower minimum age of marriage for girls, while others still prevent women from passing their nationality to their children and husbands.

In some States, women are also deprived of custody rights, polygamous marriages which subordinate them are allowed and they continue to suffer discrimination in property and land rights. The experts were also concerned that women and girls continue to be denied equality in succession and inheritance rights.

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