Winner – Regional Eric Williams School Bags Essay Competition

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Safiya Moore

“The Caribbean region’s constituent nations are relatively young in comparison to the wider world. However, as a region it maintains the characteristics of many other countries that are centuries ahead of them. In particular, when analysing any country and attempting to determine its successes, failures, history and potential future, its architecture is a tangible way of ascertaining the progression, regression and background of a region.”

Safiya Moore,  Bishops High School, Tobago

Read full essay:   Eric_Williams_Schools_Bay_Essay_Competition_winner

[su_box title=”Eric Williams School Bags Essay Competition” style=”soft” box_color=”#54c0f0″]Organised by The Eric Williams Memorial Collection (EWMC), the essay contest is open to all final-year sixth formers in 178 schools, across 17 Caribbean countries. The “School Bags” essay competition was named after a statement by late scholar-statesman Eric Williams, who led the Government of Trinidad and Tobago for a quarter century until his death in 1981. On August 30th, 1962, the eve of his country’s Independence from Britain, he famously exhorted: “You, the children, yours is the great responsibility to educate your parents…you carry the future of [the Nation] in your school bags.” [/su_box]


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