Jamaica to increase marine protected areas, strengthen legislation – UN Oceans Conference told

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Kamina Johnson Smith
Jamaica’s Foreign Minister Hon. Kamina Johnson Smith

“Our common challenges require collective resolution. This is the intent of the Call to Action which this Conference is expected to adopt…Jamaica supports the considerations that have been given to urgent action to strengthen the SAMOA Pathway and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, especially Goal 14. We call for continued vigilance to address the issues identified as priority concerns and to pursue same on the strength of partnerships at all levels. We are particularly keen for the international community to support capacity-building for SIDs such as Jamaica. There is need to generate pertinent data and information for establishing baselines and to inform decisions; for the transfer of technical skills, ‘know how’ and empowerment to design and implement sustainable development strategies at the national level.”

Jamaica’s Foreign Minister, Hon. Kamina Johnson Smith addressing the UN Oceans Conference at UN Headquarters in New York, Tuesday.

See The Minister’s presentation – VIDEO

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