Lessons on tourism and sustainability from schoolchildren

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Caribbean tourism leaders could take some lessons from the schoolchildren of the region, whose insights into the opportunities and challenges of tourism development are pretty amazing.

Not to mention their creative writing abilities, which were evident from the four elementary school winners of the Caribbean Tourism Organisation’s Caribbean Primary Schools Tourism Writing Competition. Awards will be presented to the winners at the CTO’s Climate Smart Sustainable Tourism Forum in St. Kitts next month.

These four emerged from a field of 44 participants from 26 schools in the region.

Students were split into two age groups: 8- to 10-year-old students were asked to write about what sustainable tourism meant to them or how visitors and locals should act towards one another to promote peace. Those in the 10-to-12-year-old category were challenged to design and describe a new adventure tour or to suggest ways that the CTO could help make tourism more sustainable.

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