Caribbean’s first seabin arrives in Cayman waters

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The Seabin Project (Photo via Cayman News Service)
The Seabin Project (Photo via Cayman News Service)

(CNS): A V5 Hybrid Seabin has been installed in the water by the Cayman Islands Yacht Club in West Bay to begin gobbling up the rubbish that makes its way into the sea. This is the first Seabin to be installed in the region; it is designed for marinas, docks, yacht clubs and commercial ports as a part of the solution to the current global sea garbage problem. The relatively new technology was created by two Australian surfers concerned about the buildup of rubbish in the ocean. Water is syphoned in from the surface and passes through the natural fibre catch bag inside the Seabin. The water is pumped back into the marina leaving litter and debris trapped in the catch bag to be disposed of properly.

The Yacht Club is one of nine marinas participating under Global Pilot Partner sponsorships, which also has, or will have, Seabins installed in Bermuda, San Diego (USA), Helsinki (Finland), Mallorca (Spain), La Grande Motte (France), Halifax (Canada) and the superyacht marina at Porto Montenegro. Butterfield Bank is the local partner which has covered the cost to install the bin in Cayman at the Yacht Club.

During a press conference Tuesday Michael McWatt, managing director of Butterfield Bank (Cayman), said that as a bank operating on islands, it understand how closely tied the wellbeing of the economies and the people are to the ocean. “The fortunes of our tourism products and the quality of daily life for all of us, depends on the health of the waters that surround us,” he said.

Read more at: Cayman News Service

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