Harsh climate: Commonwealth SG warns of existential threat

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Baroness Scotland alone, first day (2)The Caribbean needs help from the international community now more than ever, as it seeks to build resilience to changing weather patterns and the impact on its economies, Commonwealth Secretary General, Baroness Patricia Scotland has said.

Delivering the 42nd annual Sir Winston Scott Memorial lecture at the Frank Collymore Hall last night on the topic: Responsiveness, Resilience and Regeneration: Building on Commonwealth advantage for good governance, prosperity and progress, Baroness Scotland noted that the region had suffered “some unprecedented climatic assaults” this year.

She warned that the existential threat of climate change could no longer be ignored, given the level of devastation wrought on the region by Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

“Last year the London School of Economics estimated that climate change could eliminate US$2.5 trillion of the globe’s financial assets. And that was an assessment made before this summer. And I really wonder whether that would be an upward projection in the future,” she said.

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