Senior ICT officials meet to discuss work plan for Single ICT Space

ICT graphicThe Meeting of Senior Officials ahead of the Sixty-Eighth Special Ministerial session of the Council for Trade and Economic Development (COTED) – Information and Communication Technology (ICT) – will convene via video conference on Wednesday, 15 March, 2017.

The main issue for discussion is the Integrated Work Plan for the CARICOM Single ICT Space. Heads of Government granted approval of the Roadmap for the Single ICT Space at the Twenty-Eighth Inter-sessional Meeting in February 2017, and the Integrated Work Plan for the Single ICT Space is expected to be the next big step towards the harmonisation of the ICT sector within CARICOM.

The Integrated Work Plan will set out the activities that need to be completed for the development of the Single ICT Space. The activities of the work plan will focus on areas such as conducting gap analyses, public awareness, specific telecommunications issues, legal and regulatory reform cyber security, bringing technology to the people, resource mobilisation, as well as, forecasting for the CARICOM Digital Agenda 2025.

The Ministers of ICT will meet on 24 March, 2017, in Antigua and Barbuda to review the integrated work plan and provide their recommendations to the Heads of Government Meeting in July 2017.

Girls don’t code? In the Caribbean, they lead tech startups!

Talented Caribbean women who code (Photo via InfoDev)
Talented Caribbean women leading startups (Photo via InfoDev)

Research shows that science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) are still male-dominated fields. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, in 2011 women occupied less than 25% of STEM jobs. Automation and advancements in technology seem to penalise women: the World Economic Forum estimates that per every 20 jobs lost to the fourth industrial revolution, women will only gain one new STEM job. For men, there will be a new STEM job for every four lost.

Luckily, a growing number of women is pursuing STEM careers, as developers, coders, or even tech entrepreneurs. The success of these women not only creates jobs and promotes economic growth; it also inspires more and more women to look beyond conventional career roles and take full advantage of the new opportunities offered by the digital revolution.

Last month, in the Caribbean, women entrepreneurs swept all five top places in the second PitchIt Caribbean Challenge, a mobile-tech startup competition organised by the Entrepreneurship Programme in the Caribbean (EPIC) and sponsored by the World Bank’s infoDev program and the government of Canada.

Read more at: InfoDev

** Note Article was first published in January, 2017

Antigua and Barbuda to host CTU ICT Week and Symposium

ICT graphic

The Government of Antigua and Barbuda, in collaboration with the Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU), will host the ICT Week and Symposium at the Sandals Grande Resort and Spa from 20-24 March, 2017.

The theme for the Symposium is ‘ICT: Driving 21st Century Intelligent Services’. CTU Secretary General, Ms. Bernadette Lewis explained that the purpose of the Week’s activities is “to raise awareness of the ICT revolution, the implications for policy, legislation and regulations and how they can be employed to transform existing operations; to foster social inclusion; provide ICT-based the challenges we face in the region and promote national and regional development”

The CTU said that the week’s activities include a Smart Caribbean Conference, 15th Caribbean Ministerial Strategic ICT Seminar, 3rd Caribbean Stakeholders Meeting: Cyber security and Cyber Crime and  culminates with the Training Programme on Mobile Money for Financial Inclusion.

At the Smart Caribbean Conference, Huawei, the platinum sponsor for ICT Week, will present how new ICT such as cloud computing, virtualization, Big Data, Geographic Information System (GIS), the Internet of Things (IoT), and the ecosystem Software Development Kit (eSDK) can be used to create comprehensive, end-to-end Smart Caribbean solutions. Solutions include the safe city, smart city operations centres, one-stop government services, smart transportation and applications for healthcare, education and tourism. (more…)

Agencies meet after Heads of Government approve Single ICT Space Roadmap


Following the approval of the CARICOM Single ICT Roadmap earlier in February, the ICT Cluster Agencies in the Region met on Friday to chart the way forward.

The Meeting was held via videoconferencing that was anchored at the CARICOM Secretariat, Georgetown, Guyana, and included representation from the Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU), as well as from the CARICOM Secretariat, CARICOM Implementation Agency for Crime and Security (IMPACS), Caribbean Centre for Development Administration (CARICAD) and the Caribbean Broadcasting Union (CBU).

Discussions centred on developing an integrated work plan among the agencies towards the development of the Single ICT Space. The plan would include financial projections and sources of funding for the undertaking. (more…)

Single ICT Space requires champions at highest levels of governments – CTU

CTU Secretary-General,, Ms. Bernadette Lewis
CTU Secretary-General,, Ms. Bernadette Lewis

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, Feb 22, CMC – The Secretary General of the Trinidad-based Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU), Bernadette Lewis, says the establishment of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Single ICT Space is a complex undertaking, which presents many challenges.

But she believes these can be overcome through regional and institutional collaboration and cooperation. “It requires champions at the highest levels of governments and their commitment to collaborate nationally and regionally; creativity and innovation; and strengthening of the CARICOM institutions responsible for its implementation,” she said.

Chair,am of CARICOM, His Excellency David Granger, President of Guyana (left) and Lead Head of Government with responsibility for ICT, Dr. the Hon Keith Mitchell, Prime Minister of Grenada
Chairman of CARICOM, His Excellency David Granger, President of Guyana (left) and Lead Head of Government with responsibility for ICT, Dr. the Hon Keith Mitchell, Prime Minister of Grenada

Guyana’s President David Granger, the CARICOM chairman said that the regional leaders at the inter-sessional summit held in Georgetown last week had approved the draft road map for a Single ICT Space and commended the CTU, the Council for Trade and Economic Development (COTED) and the officials who had prepared the document.