LIAT reiterates commitment to Region

Chief Executive of LIAT, Julie Reifer-Jones (Photo via St. Lucia News Online)
Chief Executive of LIAT, Julie Reifer-Jones (Photo via St. Lucia News Online)

LIAT, The Caribbean Airline, remains committed to serving the region and its needs.

This statement comes from Chief Executive Officer, Julie Reifer- Jones as she reiterated the airline’s position for 2018.

Mrs. Jones noted that despite the major challenges from the recent hurricane season, the airline continues to provide a vital service in connecting the region. She stated that there was improvement in the airline’s On-Time Performance in 2017.

“We recognised that there was a major need to work towards improving our On-Time Performance so our passengers could get to their destinations on time.” The airline recorded On Time Performance of 68% in 2017 which was a major improvement over the 2016 figure of 49%. She noted that performance in January 2018 was 81%. “This means that today at LIAT, most flights are on time. LIAT continues to work towards the industry standard of 85% and this is one of our highest priorities.”

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LIAT pilots apologise for inconvenience, outline new agreement


BASSETERRE, St Kitts, Jun 13 2017 – The President of the Leeward Island Airline Pilots Association (LIAPLA), Captain Carl Burke, has apologised to the travelling public in the Caribbean after pilots refused to fly the ATR72 aircraft operated by the regional carrier, LIAT, over salary increases.

“Well first of all, with the most recent situation which took place last week, I want to apologize to persons that were inconvenienced and I want to give them all reassurance that the pilots normally, usually exhaust all means of negotiations with LIAT . . .” Burke told WINN FM radio station here.

He told radio listeners the LIAPLA had brought in an attorney to assist it with the negotiations and that “there was a deal that was brokered in the Labour Minister’s office on the 24th of May and we thought that would have put the matter of negotiations to bed.

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LIAT pilots stage crippling pay protest


At the end of day one of a crippling pilots’ strike, there’s no word of a settlement to the pay impasse between management of the Antigua-based carrier and the Leeward Islands Airline Pilots Association (LIALPA).

This means that regional passengers – including those travelling in and out of Barbados – who are booked on LIAT flights this week, must brace themselves for the possibility of more disruption, after hundreds were caught off guard today by flight delays and cancellations.

The two parties to the current impasse held talks at the carrier’s Antigua headquarters today with the airline virtually grounded and pilots refusing to fly the ATR 72 aircraft until an agreement was reached on their previously publicized pay concerns.

The ATR 72 aircraft, which seats 48 passengers, was acquired by LIAT back in 2013 as a part of fleet modernization and overall network improvements.

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