Building codes for energy efficiency in focus at Suriname meetings

RE-building-codes-black-and-whiteThe final meeting of the Regional Project Team for the Development of the Regional Energy Efficiency Building Code (REEBC), will be convened in Paramaribo, Suriname, 7-8 December, 2017.

The meeting will be preceded by Suriname’s national stakeholder consultation on the REEBC on 6 December, 2017, which will be hosted at Anton de Kom University of Suriname with the support of the University’s Board.

The establishment of the REEBC is a very important step in creating a clear and generally-accepted framework for maximising the efficiency of energy services in buildings.  This is a high priority given that approximately 40% of final energy is consumed in buildings in the Region. This represents a large proportion of the foreign exchange requirements for fueling the energy economies in the Region. (more…)

Push for change at individual level towards energy efficiency

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The role of individuals in energy conservation and efficiency across the Region was underscored on Monday during the launch of the Regional Building Energy Efficiency Programme (RBEEP) at the CARICOM Secretariat, Georgetown, Guyana.

Influencing a difference in their outlook and the way that people utilise energy in their own spheres, is one of the key outcomes that the RBEEP hopes to achieve.

The RBEEP is geared at cutting energy use in buildings in the Region while maintaining the quality of energy provided; reducing demand for imported fuel; and stimulating replication in CARICOM.

Speakers at the day-long forum highlighted the importance, not only of changes at the national, policy, administrative and technical levels, but also the critical impact of actions at a personal level.

Energy Conservation Tips
Turn off and unplug all appliances and equipment when not in use; Use lights only when necessary and remember to turn off all switches;  Replace all incandescent bulbs with new CFL or LED bulbs; Always remember to put a lid on the pot when cooking; Fix leaky faucets; Turn off all taps tightly; Minismise the opening and closing of air conditioned rooms; Use natural air conditioning. Build with good ventilation; Remember to save energy by car pooling; Buy energy efficiency appliances

CARICOM launches regional Building Energy Efficiency Programme

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The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) ,on December 4, will launch a programme to improve the use of energy in buildings across the Region. The Regional Building Energy Efficiency Project (BEEP) will be launched at the CARICOM Secretariat in Georgetown, Guyana.

The launch follows the introduction of BEEPs at the CARICOM Secretariat in December 2014, and at the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) Commission in August 2015.

The BEEPS are being done to address the dependence on fossil fuels and economic vulnerability as a result of the inefficient energy use in buildings in the Community.

BEEPs Background                      

With energy efficiency as a priority of the CARICOM Energy Policy and the Caribbean Sustainable Energy Roadmap and Strategy (C-SERMS), a collaborative approach was developed to target energy use in building. The Regional Collaboration for Efficient Energy Use in Buildings (RCEEB) was spearheaded by the CARICOM Energy Unit and the CARICOM Regional Organisations for Standards and Quality (CROSQ).  Regional and international partners are also supporting the project within the overall framework of the RCEEB. (more…)

Walking the talk for energy

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Hundreds participated in the second Regional Energy Kilo-Walk which was held on Saturday, 25 November, 2017, under the slogan ‘RE-Thinking Energy: Walk the Talk’.

The walk, which was coordinated by the CARICOM Secretariat in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Infrastructure and the Guyana Energy Agency, moved off from the Secretariat’s Headquarters in Georgetown, Guyana, wended its way along the Rupert Craig Highway and ended at the Secretariat.

The activity was aimed at highlighting the role that citizens can play in securing their own sustainable energy future, and creating a platform for engagement and increased public awareness of sustainable energy and development issues.

“The purpose of this walk … is to increase awareness around sustainable energy matters, this month being CARICOM Energy Month, where what we really promote is … efficient production, delivery and use of energy. As citizens, we are becoming increasingly empowered because of technological changes as well as increasing awareness in how we can produce and use our own energy”, Dr. Devon Gardner, Programme Manager, Energy at the CARICOM Secretariat said.

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Electric Vehicle Pilot Project Launched in Barbados

Managing Director of Mega Power Limited, Joanna Edgehill, showing Minister with responsibility for Energy, Senator Darcy Boyce, the features of one of the electric vehicles yesterday. (W.Alleyne/BGIS)

Government has launched its Electric Vehicle Pilot Project aimed at promoting low-carbon transportation technologies within the public service.

The fleet of eight – five vans and three cars – was unveiled on Sunday, during a ceremony in the carpark of Government Headquarters, Bay Street.

Minister with responsibility for Energy, Senator Darcy Boyce, in his keynote address, said that the pilot would allow government to ensure that the policy set in respect of electric vehicles was informed by empirical data.

In this regard, he added, that the fleet would be supplemented in the future by two electric buses, as well as trucks, so that information would be available on how electric vehicles performed in different circumstances.

Read more at: Barbados Government Information Service