UN Conference seeks solutions to global water crisis

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(United Nations News) The world’s precious water resources are “in deep trouble” and leaders are meeting at UN Headquarters this week to address what has become a multifaceted global crisis, before it is too late. 

The UN Water Conference, which opened on Wednesday, is taking place as this vital natural resource is being depleted, polluted and mismanaged. 

The three-day event – co-hosted by the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Tajikistan – falls at the halfway point for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which include the promise of ensuring all people have access to safe water and sanitation by 2030. 

UN Secretary-General António Guterres underscored that water is a human right and critical to development that will shape a better global future. 

“But water is in deep trouble”, he warned.  “We are draining humanity’s lifeblood through vampiric overconsumption and unsustainable use, and evaporating it through global heating. We’ve broken the water cycle, destroyed ecosystems and contaminated groundwater.” 

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