CWA 2016 patrons to get royal treatment from Queen Vans Hair and Nails

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Queen Van Hair and Nails is a hair salon based in Suriname that specialises in producing natural hair products under the name: ‘Rossanna Salvation’.

Rossana Salvation is produced with natural resources such as, ginger, onion, garlic, aloe, soursop leaves, tonka beans, maripa and crapa. The product line includes: shampoos, hair conditioners, leave-in conditioners, hair masks and hair oils. Queen Van Hair and Nails specialises in developing hair analyses for both men and women. During these analyses a scan is done of the scalp, hair follicles and the scales of the hair. Based on the analysis treatment is recommended. Another of  Queen Van’s specialties is the treatment of baldness.

Queen Van Hair and Nails will be showcased at Caribbean Week of Agriculture being held in the Cayman Islands 24-28 October 2016. This business is proudly owned by Surinamese Vanessa Grootfam who says the vision for Queen van Hair and nails is to become the premier natural hair product producer in Suriname.

“Suriname is full of natural products. With this vision, the agriculture and agri value chain of our country will also get a boost,” she says.

Vanessa attributes the success of her business to always treating customers like royalty.

“When you pay  a first visit at our salon, you receive not only a good service but also free advice. We have also relied on word of mouth. We believe that if our customers like our hospitality and products then they will tell their friends and family. That has been working quite well. We have also taken part in several exhibitions focusing foremost on women and youngsters. With these activities our publicity increased.  We also communicate with our clients through social media such as WhatsApp and Facebook,” she said.

She adds that in order to keep the business relevant and sustainable, she works closely with experts when creating the products. These experts provide advice on the consistency of the products and on a healthy lifestyle that goes hand in hand with healthy hair. There are also plans afoot to export the products throughout the Region.

“The first steps in this regard have already been taken with Curacao and Guyana. Furthermore we are also working on the expansion of the production line to add more products and sources.”

Be sure to look out for the Queen Van Hair and Nails booth at the CWA. Perhaps you can pick up a few products to pamper yourself!


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