Revive, restore wetlands, home to 40 per cent of all biodiversity

(Image via Turks and Caicos National Trust)

(United Nations News) Although coastal and freshwater wetlands – such as swamps, mangroves and marshes – contain 40 per cent of all plant and animal species, many are polluted or degraded due to climate change and human development. 

On World Wetlands Day, observed this Thursday, the United Nations is calling for urgent action to revive and restore these ecosystems, which are disappearing three times faster than forests. 

Wetlands cover roughly six per cent of the Earth’s land surface and are vital for human health, food supply, tourism and jobs.  

More than a billion people worldwide depend on them for their livelihoods, while their shallow waters and abundant plant life support everything from insects to ducks to moose. 

Wetlands also play a crucial role in both achieving sustainable development and in the fight against climate change.

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