COVID-19: Clear Shifts in Demand for Energy – CCREEE


There have been clear shifts in the demand for energy in the Caribbean as the novel coronavirus pandemic continues.

Like other areas, the energy sector in the Caribbean has been impacted by the virus that has caused serious disruptions worldwide. Border closures, country lockdowns and other protocols that have been instituted to slow the spread of the virus have caused domino effects of labour challenges and delays in the importation of fuel, for example.

In a policy paper that focuses on COVID-19 and the energy sector, the Caribbean Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (CCREEE), pointed to shifts in demand from industrial and commercial sectors to domestic use.

“Utilities have already observed clear shifts in demand. There has been a lowering and flattening of system demand, as loading patterns have changed across the system. The new patterns are driven by a shift in demand away from loads in the industrial, commercial and tourism sectors, and toward domestic loads. In response to this new paradigm, utilities have adjusted their operations to maintain balance in their systems and quality of service to their customers”, CCREEE said in the paper.

Read the policy paper here

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