UN rights chief warns against mishandling the lifting of COVID-19 lockdowns


(United Nations News) The UN Human Rights High Commissioner on Thursday warned of potential risks as more countries move to lift lockdown measures put in place to contain COVID-19 spread.

Michelle Bachelet — a former doctor, health minister and Head of State — acknowledged the challenge facing governments as they grapple with the medical crisis, while also trying to save their economies from collapsing.

“Balancing the economic imperatives with the health and human rights imperatives during the COVID-19 pandemic is going to be one of the most delicate, daunting and defining experiences for all leaders and all governments. Their place in history will be decided by how well or how badly they perform over the coming months”. she said, speaking from Geneva to journalists.

“If their response is based on the interests of a particular elite – causing the disease to flare up again in other less privileged or marginalized communities – it will rebound on everyone.”

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