Artistes Salute Farmers . . . Mistah Dale Pens Anthem for Food Crop Producers

Mistah Dale (Photo via Barbados Today)

(Barbados Today) A cadre of 18 talented Barbadians put their hearts and voices together to salute farmers.

The song, entitled The Farmer’s Anthem (A World Of Farmers), was commissioned by The Ministry of Creative Economy, Culture and Sports along with the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security last month as a project for IICA (Inter-American Alliance for Cooperation on Agriculture). The song along with the accompanying video was released last week and has already been making waves on social media.

While the song is a collaborative production featuring varying artistes, Mistah Dale crafted the lyrics and spearheaded the project. When speaking to Bajan Vibes he was swift to point out and insisted that it was literally many hands to the plough.

The 18 are: Mistah Dale, Donella Weekes-Oliver, Paula Hinds, Leadpipe, Joel Brooks, Indra Rudder, David Kirton, ImaniStatement, Ronnie Morris, Peter Coxx, Ch’An, Kareem Agard, Troy Special Harper, Kevin Sluggy Watson, Roche, Betty B and Adrian Greene. Greene wrote his spoken word piece. The two children at the end of the video and singing are Madisyn and Makensie Griffith.

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