Saint Lucia Launches ‘I AM CARICOM’ Campaign


The Regional Integration Unit in the Office of the Prime Minister in collaboration with the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Secretariat announces the launch of the ‘I AM CARICOM’ Communications Campaign in Saint Lucia.

‘I AM CARICOM’ is an initiative aimed at increasing visibility and understanding of CARICOM among citizens of the Community. It seeks to engage and assist citizens of the Community to locate themselves within the CARICOM construct – institutions, governance structure, policies and plans, and to take ownership and participate fully in the regional integration development agenda. The ‘I AM CARICOM’ initiative emanated from a meeting of the CARICOM Committee of Ambassadors, where it was agreed that as part of the process for the development of the Community’s Strategic Plan the Secretariat needs to re-engage the Peoples of the Region. This Strategic Plan will succeed the first Community Strategic Plan 2015-2019, and is aimed at defining the direction of the Community over the Plan’s horizon, keeping implementing partners focused, and laying-out the strategies to secure the Community’s future in a dynamic and often challenging global environment.

The commemoration of CARICOM Day on July 6 in Saint Lucia this year serves as an ideal opportunity to highlight the commencement of the ‘I AM CARICOM’ Communications Campaign. The Regional Integration Unit will undertake a host of public education activities celebrate and reinforce the achievements on the Organisation and its institutions and to inform on the work that they continue to do. These activities include the launch of the ‘I AM CARICOM’ photo frame for social media, information from ‘I AM CARICOM’ Campaign Ambassadors, interviews with Saint Lucia’s Ambassador to CARICOM on various media, online games and quizzes, and a pop-up site where persons can gain snippets of information on CARICOMs role, contributions, activities, strategies, and the development and implementation of the Community Strategic Plan. These will be rolled out throughout the coming weeks and months.

You are invited to visit the Instagram page of the Regional Integration Unit to remain up to date on the upcoming activities, and write to should you have any questions.

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