We Must all Accept Hard Choices to Beat COVID-19 – WHO


Citing Cambodia, New Zealand, Rwanda, Thailand, Viet Nam, and islands in the Pacific and Caribbean, as places that had prevented large-scale outbreaks by respecting transmission reduction measures “carefully and consistently”, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus also praised Canada, China, Germany and the Republic of Korea for bringing large outbreaks under control.

(United Nations News) Governments everywhere should adopt a much more focused approach to stopping coronavirus transmission if they want to avoid having to impose sweeping lockdowns once again.

That’s the message on Monday from the World Health Organization, (WHO), whose head of emergencies, Dr Mike Ryan, likened fighting COVID-19 to using specialised tools for surgery, to ensure better outcomes for patients:

16 million cases

The development comes as the WHO announced nearly 16 million cases of reported infection worldwide and more than 640,000 deaths.

“It’s very understandable that no country in the world that’s been through a lockdown wants to go back there, who wants to go back there, there are huge economic and other consequences,” Dr Ryan said.

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