Tourists Still Prefer the Caribbean


SHOULD the Caribbean continue its above-average management of the spread of COVID-19, it is highly likely that when compared to other densely populated areas where cases of the virus have spiked, tourists from key areas such as the United Kingdom (UK), will continue to choose the Region as their vacation destination.

This was relayed by health and tourism experts at the second Caribbean Economic Forum hosted by the Central Bank of Barbados on ‘Reviving Caribbean Tourism’ on Tuesday.

Giving the perspective on how the Caribbean has performed to date with regard to mitigating COVID-19, was Chair of the University of the West Indies COVID-19 Task Force, Professor Clive Landis.


He said that the Caribbean, though made up of mostly developing countries, has done remarkably well in its management of COVID-19. He noted that the Region accounts for roughly 80,000 cases of which 65,000 are within The Dominican Republic and 1,500 deaths.

Landis explained that his means that, apart from The Dominican Republic, the rest of the Caribbean has only about 15,000 cases and 500 deaths.

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