The Bahamas under total lock-down as it records spike in COVID-19 cases


Prime Minister of The Bahamas Hon Hubert Minnis has announced a two-week lockdown of the entire chain of islands in response to a major spike in the number of COVID-19 cases.

In a national address on Monday, the Prime Minister said Health Officials believe the spike had taken the country to the point where a total lock-down was required.

“Over the past two weeks, health officials have seen an increase in a number of indicators that point to the need for a national lock-down.  

“There has been an exponential increase in the number of cases, an increase in hospitalizations, an increase in the demand for ICU beds, and sadly, an increase in the number of deaths. 

“The more cases that present to health institutions, the more services will be needed.  Right now, our bed capacity and human resources are being increasingly stretched.

“Health officials advise that a lockdown will allow for the repurposing of health facilities and addition of health resources to accommodate the increased need for hospitalizations and healthcare support.   

“They also advise that a lockdown will provide the opportunity for enhanced contact tracing, which will identify cases before they become very ill and prevent the spread of infection by the contacts.”

Read Full address: National Address by Prime Minister Hubert Minnis

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