LIAT Administrator Gives Aug. 15 Deadline to Submit Claims, Return Property


Caribbean News Service (CNS) — LIAT Administrator Cleveland Seaforth has given creditors just over a week to submit claims; people holding company property to return them; and those owing money to pay up.

“Any person, who believes that the Company holds property belonging to him/her or property in which he/she has rights, should submit his/her claim in writing to the Administrator with all supporting documents in respect of such ownership or right,” Seaforth said in a notice on Thursday.

“All persons holding any property, documents, books and records of the Company are requested to deliver them forthwith to the Administrator.

“Notice is further given that all sums due to the Company should be payable to the Administrator, and receipts for such payments shall only be valid if they bear the signature of the Administrator or his duly appointed representative(s),” Seaforth added.

According to Seaforth, any person having a claim against the Company, whether liquidated, unliquidated, future or contingent, is required to present particulars of their claim in writing to the Administrator not later than Aug. 15, 2020.

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