COVID-19 Cripples Postal Services


“…Once airports start closing down and flights stop operating it is going to affect the mail movement because the mail is moved predominantly by air. Gone are the days when mail use to come by sea.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ Director of Postal Services, Jacqueline Adams-Ollivierre

(Searchlight) Apart from wreaking havoc on health and the economy of many countries, COVID-19 has also crippled postal services in the region and around the world.

Since late March, regional and international mail that would normally go through the St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) Postal Corporation has not been leaving the country.

The halt in postal services comes not only because COVID-19 has closed many airports, but also because the pandemic has grounded many airlines including LIAT, the airline traditionally used to transport mail to the regional postage hub in Barbados.

Mail leaving SVG is first sorted here, then the bags are sealed and sent by LIAT to Barbados for onward transmission to the rest of the world. The mail facility in Barbados functions exclusively for that transit arrangement and they are paid for the service.

Yesterday, director of Postal Services Jacqueline Adams-Ollivierre told SEARCHLIGHT that the Kingstown Postal Corporation stopped accepting letters and packages on March 26.

She said whatever problem the post office is having locally, mirrors what is happening regionally and internationally and is a result of a direct fall-out of COVID-19.

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