CARICOM Secretariat Donates Computers to Sophia Care Centre

Youngsters of the Sophia Care Centre posing with the donated computer systems

The CARICOM Secretariat on Friday donated six computer systems to the Sophia Care Centre. The donation will enable students from the Centre to participate in the Guyana Animation Network Summer Camp 2020.

As part of its annual Staff Talent Celebration 2019, the CARICOM Secretariat hosted an Animation Workshop on Saturday, 23 November 2019 for 13 young students from the Sophia Care Centre, which was facilitated by the Guyana Animation Network (GAN).  

Mr. Linden Fraser, CARICOM Secretariat, and Ms. Roxanne Blenman, Administrator Services Supervisor, commemorate the handing over of computer systems with the COVID-19 safe elbow knock

Arising out of that Workshop, the Staff Talent Planning Committee of the Secretariat, together with two staff members had committed to sponsoring the top three students to attend the 2020 GAN Summer Camp.  Further, at that time, GAN had indicated that it will sponsor one additional child.  However, the organisation subsequently advised that it had received a Grant which has not only allowed it to subsidise the cost for their 2020 camp, but it will allow GAN to also sponsor 10 additional persons from the Sophia Care Centre for the 2D Animation Workshop.  

The children will be participating in Phase 2 of the GAN Summer Camp which will be held during the period 17-24 August, 2020. The camp comprises three courses namely, Design for Business Marketing, Design and Prototyping and 2D Animation.  However, only two of the courses (Design and Prototyping and 2D Animation) are suitable for the children since they are beginners to Animation.    

The three top students from the 2019 Animation Workshop along with the student who was awarded the prize by GAN will be participating in Design and Prototyping and 2D Animation, while the other 10 individuals will participate in 2D Animation only. 

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