Antigua & Barbuda to introduce tracking bracelets for persons quarantining at home


Quarantine violation has become a major headache for the Antigua and Barbuda government, so much that they have decided to place tracking devices on all those in isolation.

That announcement was made by that country’s Prime Minister Gaston Browne on Saturday.

This tracking device-which is seemingly a new trend- will be in the form of a bracelet.

In that way, health officials can track a person’s whereabouts and know when they have violated the quarantine rules.

“We’re now moving towards getting some bracelets and the necessary tracking technology so that we can trace individuals who are allowed to quarantine at home. We’re probably maybe three weeks away from getting the bracelets and the supporting technology,” Browne said, adding that the government could no longer depend on individuals to exercise personal responsibility.

Story via Dominica News Online

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