Hurricane Warning Declared as Tropical Storm Nana Approaches Belize


(National Meteorological Services of Belize) The National Meteorological Services of Belize and the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) advise that Tropical Storm Nana As of 3am local time, Tropical Storm Nana was located near latitude 17.0N, longitude 82.7W or about 365 miles east of Belize City.

Nana was moving to the west at 18mph with maximum sustained winds of 60mph. Nana is expected to become a hurricane later today or tonight. Nana is forecast to continue moving west with some decrease in forward speed expected today and to make landfall on Thursday as a category one hurricane. Residents across the country should be prepared for category 1 hurricane force winds between 74 and 95 mph. This system could also produce rainfall of up to 3-6 inches across the country which could lead to flash flooding and possible landslides inland. Residents along coastal areas should be on the alert for the possibility of a storm surge of up to 3-5

The NMS of Belize will continue to monitor the system and update NEMO and the general public accordingly. The public must monitor the progress of this system but do not panic!

The projected path takes the storm through portions of southern and central Belize as of this time. It is expected that by 9:00 am today a Hurricane Warning (two red flag with a black centre flown one above the other) will be declared for Belize. This means it is imminent that the
Hurricane will make landfall on Belize within 24 hours. The Warning is declared as the system direct path shows it heading straight for Belize and the Yucatan Peninsula and it can cause severe wind damage, flooding, storm surge, and drowning but only if the appropriate precautions are
not taken.

The WARNING means the public must put their family emergency plan into action and to be prepared to seek safe shelter, (2) school management is notified that NEMO will need to access schools as shelters, (3) boat owners must secure their vessels, (4) a price freeze is in effect (5) public and private essential agencies and utility companies must release their employees when they need to seek shelter for their safety, (6) road infrastructure works need to be prioritised to maintain the lines of communication and (7) media houses and telephone service providers are advised to be prepared to secure your communication infrastructure.

All Emergency Operations Centre (Command Centres) countrywide have been activated. Works continue on mile 38 on the George Price Highway, final preparations are being made as shelters will be open to assist those persons.

Government ministries are at this time in transition where only essential staff engaged in the ministry emergency plan and those who will work NEMO duties should be in office as directed by their CEO in accordance with their ministry emergency plan.

We are asking people not to panic, stay calm, don’t listen to rumours. Stay tuned for and adhere to the official release from NEMO and the National Met Service and stay alert. Prepare, and move without alarm, scare mongering does more harm than good considering some people’s
medical condition. NEMO will keep the general public updated. Do not panic Belize we have faced tropical cyclones many times before, the bigger threat is COVID 19 we must wear our masks, social distance and clean our hands and all surfaces on a regular basis.

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