CARICAD’s Transition to Remote Work during COVID-19: NEWSLETTER



“Fortunately, CARICAD was able to pivot to remote work for all staff members using the remote policy that was already in place. The internal experience on remote work was compared with information available from other sources.

“The analysis offered perspectives and discussion points that supported our full-blown remote work experience and operations when the government ordered the shutdown. As far as possible, the jobs of all staff members were converted to digital delivery.

“In addition, the proactive investment in ICT allowed the staff to remain in contact through cloud access to productivity tools and data storage. Preparatory sessions were held to test new digital tools, familiarise staff in their use, and to further explore and explain the capabilities of other digital tools in our possession. Delivery of technical assignments shifted to virtual means and new methods of interaction and execution were developed.

“The negative effects of COVID-19 on the operations of CARICAD were significantly reduced because our conversion to digital operations were far advanced by the time remote work became necessary. COVID-19, instead, acted as an accelerant for work that was already underway.

Extract from CARICAD’s Horizon News Letter, Vol 3, No 5

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