Locally invented maths game touted as remedy for Jamaican students

Mr. Jemar Green (Photo via Jamaica Observer)

The second game is CARICOM Cup, a penalty shoot-out competition where the student’s goal is to bring Jamaica to victory against 16 other members of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), by working out questions correctly. 

(Jamaica Observer) SERIOUS about revolutionising how mathematics is taught and approached in Jamaica, Jemar Green has formed a team of roughly 12 members that has created My Vle Play, a company that invents computer games geared towards sharpening maths skills and critical thinking abilities.

Coming out of his involvement with the Rockfort Development Council in Kingston, Green said yesterday that he was exposed directly to some of the issues affecting many unattached youth in Jamaica, and became motivated to see how technology could improve education.

Green, chief executive officer of My Vle Math Club, told the Jamaica Observer yesterday that the games will demonstrate to students at the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) level how mathematics applies to everyday life, and will bombard pupils with tips to help them practise the subject effectively. All individuals are required to do to participate, he said, is visit www.myvleplay.com and follow the instructions.

According to Green, two findings that have emerged from research conducted are that students were not performing well at the subject because “it is abstract to many persons, and they don’t see how it relates” to everyday life. Added to that, Green said the research also discovered that students were not practising enough.

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