Recognizing ‘historic tipping point’, UN begins push towards more sustainable energy future


(United Nations News) Renewable energy is “crucial for building a sustainable, prosperous and peaceful future”, the UN chief said on Wednesday, launching an accelerated drive for clean energy and climate action. 

“Our challenge is clear: to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, the world must cut carbon emissions by at least 45 per cent below 2010 levels within the next decade”, Secretary-General António Guterres said. 

He was addressing more than 20 ministerial-level “Global Champions” at the virtual High-level Dialogue on Energy – the global platform where governments, businesses and others can come together to recommit to more sustainable energy use. 

He underscored that the world was “way off track” and needed to use the COVID-19 recovery period to build a sustainable economy, driven by renewables.  

“If we want this energy transition to be just, and to succeed in creating new jobs, a cleaner and healthier environment and a resilient future, developing countries need strong support”, said the top UN Official.  

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