State of Emergency in Trinidad and Tobago

Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, Dr. the Hon. Keith Rowley declared a State of Emergency on 15 May 2021

(Trinidad Express) With bed space running out for critically ill Covid-19 patients, Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley (Saturday) afternoon announced the following Covid restrictions to reduce the spread of the virus.

From midnight (Saturday), T&T will be under a State of Emergency (SoE).

It involves a curfew will be from 9p.m to 5a.m.

The length of the State of Emergency will be determined by the response of citizens, who had not all followed the public health ordinance and continued to flout the regulations.

The police would now be empowered to act against those who breached the provisions of the SoE.

If you don’t have to be out for exempted reason, you stay home under force of law, he said.

He said T&T had tried to avoid this eventuality, but had clearly failed.

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