Success for Caribbean economies relies on harmonised regulatory approach, Single ICT Space


(CANTO Blog Post) Success for Caribbean economies relies on a harmonised regulatory approach and the Single ICT Space.

This was the message coming out of the CANTO Annual virtual Conference session – successful strategies for regulating Big Tech held on Thursday 29thJuly, 2021.

The pace of digital acceptance and transformation is red hot across the Caribbean as the COVID-19 pandemic forced new thinking and new ways of doing things.   Unregulated Big Tech companies are on the verge of dominating every service imaginable – from food and grocery delivery and medical consultations to media, communications and transport and tourism.  There are examples of many regions around the world which are now taking action to protect consumers and local economies from abuses by digital companies that have happened because of the absence of regulation. The Caribbean  needs similar regulatory protection to be able to survive and thrive in the new global digital economy. A distinguished high-level, international panelists summarised as follows:

Michel Ledger of Cullen International: To date, supervision of digital services is ineffective and they have been unsupervised.  In Europe, countries such as the UK, Germany and France have introduced online safety laws that require digital platforms to appoint local representatives and remove illegal and harmful content or face fines.

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