Task Force Established To Assist In Haitian Tourism Industry’s Recovery From Recent Earthquake

Jamaica Minister of Tourism, Hon. Edmund Bartlett. (Photo via JIS)

(Jamaica Information Service Press Release) An international resilience, recovery and sustainability task force has been established to respond to the immediate and long-term needs of Haiti’s tourism industry, in the aftermath of the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that rocked the country.

The Global Tourism Resilience and Crisis Management Centre (GTRCMC) will be coordinating the task force’s engagements and other support mechanisms, in Jamaica’s response to the disaster-stricken nation.

Tourism Minister, Hon. Edmund Bartlett, who co-founded the GTRCMC, is leading the task force.

Speaking at the group’s first virtual meeting on Wednesday (August 25), Mr. Bartlett said the task force’s primary objective is responding to Haiti’s immediate humanitarian needs, with focus on the recovery of the tourism sector.

He said rebuilding the industry is critical to the sustainability of the island’s recovery efforts.

“We have to build back the tourism [sector] because that is the sustainable arrangement that will ensure the livelihood for the people,” the Minister said.

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