Interview: The most impactful actions at COP26 point to progress on climate change

Glasgow signaled “an accelerated shift away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energy (Photo via UN)

(United Nations News) Of the many agreements and initiatives announced at the 26th UN Climate Conference (COP26) in Glasgow, the UN Climate Communications Lead at the Department of Global Communications narrowed down the three that she deemed most impactful. 

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Alexandre Soares of UN News, Martina Donlon acknowledged that after two weeks of tough negotiations, the text that serves as the conference’s outcome is “a compromise that it is not enough”, especially for small island States and other vulnerable countries. 

However, it does provide some “positive steps forward”. 

Indeed, she said, with the agreement by negotiators at COP26 to begin moving away from fossil fuels, “we will see more electric cars and they will become more affordable, and increasingly powered by wind and solar energy”. 

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