Effects of colonialism ‘still being felt to this day’

A man identified as Oumar, who was at risk of statelessness, holds his father's identity card from French colonial times (Photo via UNHCR)

(United Nations News) The consequences of colonialism are “still being felt to this day”, Chef de Cabinet Courtenay Rattray told the Special Committee on Decolonization on Friday. 

Speaking on behalf of Secretary-General António Guterres, he also reminded the participants of the challenges which face the so-called Non-Self-Governing Territories which remain around the world. 

Global cooperation is central to addressing its impacts”, he underscored, urging the Committee, also known as C-24, to “commit to making 2022 a year of recovery for everyone”. 

The Special Committee is “a unique platform to promote the implementation of the Declaration on Decolonization”, in accordance with all relevant resolutions, the senior UN official said.  

Last year, the C-24 made every effort for the territories and others to engage and be heard.  

He drew attention to new working methods, that allow the Committee to hear first from the territories before considering related resolutions.

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