Guyana Government welcomes three new Offshore Oil Discoveries

  • discoveries add to almost 11 billion barrels of oil equivalent  

(Department of Public Information Press Release) The Government of Guyana through the Ministry of Natural Resources, in compliance with the principles of transparency and accountability, is pleased to announce three new oil-field discoveries by Exxon Exploration and Production Guyana (EEPGL) and partners at Barreleye, Patwa-1, and Lukanani-1 Wells Offshore Guyana in the southeast portion of the Stabroek Block.

The GoG welcomes the continued success of exploration and discovery work by EEPGL and its partners within the Stabroek Block which has now produced five discoveries in total offshore Guyana thus far in 2022.

The Barreleye-1 well encountered approximately 230 feet (70 meters) of hydrocarbon-bearing sandstone and was drilled in 3,840 feet (1,170 meters) of water. A second well, Patwa-1, encountered 108 feet (33 meters) of hydrocarbon-bearing sandstone and was drilled in 6,315 feet (1,925 meters) of water. The Lukanani-1 well encountered 115 feet (35 meters) of hydrocarbon-bearing sandstone and was drilled at a water depth of 4,068 feet (1,240 meters). Operations are ongoing at both Barreleye-1 and Lukanani-1.

Natural Resources Minister, Hon. Vickram Bharrat, MP; stated that the new discoveries add to Guyana’s growing legacy as an oil-producing and exporting nation with ‘medium sweet crude,’ which will catalyze the One Guyana goal of enhanced infrastructure, world-class health care, and education realising a higher standard of living and better quality of life for all Guyanese. The Government of Guyana remains vigilant and committed to ensuring the benefits of Guyana’s petroleum resources benefit all Guyanese paving the way for a thriving future for generations ahead, said Minister Bharrat.

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