World must ‘speed up’ efforts to end AIDS pandemic by 2030


Statements on behalf of the Africa Group in the General Assembly, the Caribbean Community and Central American Integration System, and European Union, all emphasised the urgency of stepping up collective action and rooting out inequality, to ensure a successful HIV response.

(United Nations News) To end AIDS, beat COVID-19 and “stop the pandemics of the future”, the world needs to ensure global access to lifesaving health technologies, the UN Chef de Cabinet has told a meeting of the General Assembly to review progress.

The AIDS pandemic continues to be responsible for more than 13,000 deaths every week.

Yet, one year after adopting a political declaration on HIV and AIDS: Ending Inequalities and Getting on Track to End AIDS by 2030, data from UNAIDS shows that HIV infections and AIDS-related deaths are not currently declining fast enough to end the pandemic in eight years, as Member States have pledged to do.

Member States have highlighted the need to “work together to speed up progress on implementation,” said the UN agency.

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