Tropical Depression Nine tracking through Caribbean Sea


(The Weather Channel) Tropical Depression Nine is tracking through the Caribbean Sea and may become a serious hurricane threat for the northwestern Caribbean and Southeast U.S. next week, including Florida.

W​e are still in the very early stage of tracking this latest system. There are aspects of the forecast in which we have more confidence, while others remain uncertain, which is typical for tropical forecasting this far out in time.

H​ere’s a look at everything we know right now.

A​s mentioned earlier, Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao are facing a threat of heavy rain right now.

I​nterests in Jamaica, the Cayman Islands and Cuba should monitor the forecast for this system closely.

F​looding rain could at least be a concern in these areas starting this weekend. Tropical storm or even hurricane conditions could also occur depending on the exact track and strength of this system.

T​ropical Depression Nine is located in the central Caribbean Sea and is moving west-northwest.

I​t’s still battling wind shear, but finally became organised enough to be deemed a tropical depression on Friday morning.

Heavy rain is the main threat from this system right now in Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao. Flash flooding and mudslides are possible in these areas.

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