Ministers Of The Americas Highlight Contribution Of Agriculture To Climate Change Mitigation, Link To Food Security

Participants at the forum (IICA)

The Ministers urge that agriculture be given a larger platform at COP27

Ministers and senior officials of more than 30 countries of the Americas who are meeting in Costa Rica emphasized the key role of the agriculture sector of the Americas in global food security; its contribution to climate change mitigation; and its even greater potential, thanks to science and innovation. They also demanded that the sector be given a larger platform at COP27, to underscore its strategic importance. 

“We cannot speak about climate change without mentioning agriculture and food production. We must insist that the developed countries adopt a more honest approach and channel resources committed to the developing countries as a matter of urgency and in a practical way. We must remove all food trade barriers, in view of climate challenges and food security”, said Fernando Mattos, the Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries of Uruguay.

“We are aware that climate change is already here. We must determine what works, where it works, and continuously apply it—in the case of my country, from the perspective of small island farmers.”

Colin O’Keiffe, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Barbuda Affairs of Antigua and Barbuda

Furthermore, he said that, “We are in large part responsible for ensuring the supply of food for the world, but continue to be the victims of international agricultural trade, which is increasingly introducing trade barriers to address climate change. This is a challenge, but we must be given a larger platform at COP27, given the importance of agriculture in mitigating climate change”.

Minister Mattos, speaking during the ministerial meeting, “Challenges for Agriculture in the Americas to Address the Climate Crisis”, convened by the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA), was thereby echoing the appeal made by Juan Carlos Torrico, who was representing Bolivia’s Plurinational Authority of the Mother Earth.

The Bolivian official gave an extensive explanation of the significance of agriculture to the region, emphasizing its family identity, best practices, and its role in natural resource conservation.

Read more at: Inter American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture

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