Revenue collection surpasses projections in Grenada


Revenue collection in Grenada surpassed projections for the period January to June 2022 while real GDP growth is projected at 3.3% by year-end.

According to a mid-year review prepared by the Ministry of Finance, “Public finances continue to bolster in 2022 with revenue collections for the first 6 months exceeding the target and the comparable period of 2021 by $62.2 million and $67.4 million respectively.”

The Report also notes that “A primary surplus including grants of $58.2 million is estimated for 2022, surpassing the budgeted deficit of $34.2 million while a modest overall deficit of $1.6 million is estimated at the end of this year compared to a budgeted deficit of $97.9 million.”

Extract from the CARICOM BUSINESS Newsletter, Vol 5. No. 40

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