Cuba proposes CARICOM join climate change projects


The government of Cuba has invited the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) to join several projects that can augment the Community’s efforts to confront climate change.

Cuba has proposed a project to recover sandy beaches; another on low carbon and resilient tourism cooperation; and a third that focuses on the preservation of coral reefs.

The proposals were made at the just-concluded CARICOM-Cuba Summit in Bridgetown, Barbados, 6 December 2022. This year marked the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between CARICOM and Cuba.

South Korea through the Association of Caribbean States (ACS) is funding the project on the recovery of sandy beaches which has been implemented already in Trinidad and Tobago and Antigua and Barbuda.

With respect to the low carbon and resilient tourism cooperation project, Cuba said it is working on the region-wide project to present to the Green Climate Fund. Working together, Cuba and CARICOM could develop a project of common interest.

The government of Cuba is also arranging to obtain funding for a high-level impact project to preserve coral reefs in the Caribbean from the effects of climate change. The project seeks to boost capability to access climate financing. Cuba said it has created the IRIS United for Climate Foundation to promote cooperation in the region by exploring opportunities that CARICOM could take advantage of.

In the interest of sustainable development, Cuba has also suggested holding a workshop on disaster risk management and climate change adaptation with emphasis on early warning systems. As part of efforts to build capacity in Member States, Cuba has volunteered to offer training based on the experience its environmental agency has acquired in the construction of regional projects.

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