Caribbean forum in Trinidad to challenge conventional wisdom

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Regional and international leaders will gather in Port-of-Spain from 5-7 May, 2015, to tackle challenges to Caribbean development and identify strategies for securing a sustainable future. The Forum on the Future of the Caribbean is being co-hosted by the University of the West Indies (UWI) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Trinidad and Tobago in collaboration with the United Nations and regional inter-governmental partners, and the Commonwealth.

Forum participants – including Caribbean heads of government and policy-makers, civil society and business leaders, and academic experts – will confront existing development paradigms through innovative, disruptive thought. This is aimed at producing models for research, policy development and transformative action to support an equitable, sustainable Caribbean society in the post-2015 period and for generations beyond.

They will challenge each other to consider persistent development problems in new ways and identify approaches directed at widening opportunities and improving living conditions for all Caribbean citizens. Agenda areas of focus include all dimensions of poverty, inequality, and resource mobilization, as well as the specific vulnerabilities of small – often high and middle income – Caribbean states.

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