Authorities urge clean-up as dengue hits Belize

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BELMOPAN, Belize (CMC) – Health authorities have confirmed more than 250 cases of dengue fever in Belize and are urging people to clean their surroundings in a bid to deal with the outbreak.

“We’re looking at laboratory confirmed cases throughout the country, 261 cases. Clinical cases, 384 and total persons that have been tested throughout the country, 1638,” said Kim Bautista, the chief operations officer at the Vector Control Unit.

“At the same point last year we had confirmed 225 cases.  We had tested 1,624 so the level of testing has more or less been similar. In terms of hemorrhagic dengue, if you understand, dengue hemorrhagic fever comes about by a combination of sterotypes of the four serotypes that exist with the dengue virus…what we see is that every three years in the region we see an increase in hemorrhagic cases because it’s like a cycle,” he added.

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