Tropical Storm Erika formed in the Atlantic: Watches issued for Leeward Islands

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Photo compliments the Weather Channel

Tuesday morning update on Tropical Storm Erika:

  • Tropical Storm Erika formed late Monday night in the central Atlantic and is about 840 miles east of the Leeward Islands.
  • Tropical storm watches were posted early Tuesday morning for parts of the Leeward Islands, and additional watches and or warnings may be required soon.
  • Erika is expected to remain a tropical storm and gather strength as it moves quickly to the west.
  • The northern Leeward Islands may feel tropical storm-force winds by late Wednesday night into early Thursday.
  • Erika may then bring more rain to drought-suffering Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.
  • Erika’s future track and intensity beyond Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands is highly uncertain.

More: See CDEMA and Weather Channel

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