Public health challenges in focus as Health Ministers meet in Washington

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public-healthHealth Ministers and officials will meet this week at the Pan American Health Organisation Headquarters (PAHO), Washington DC, to further discuss ways in which public health challenges can be tackled across the Region.

The Regional Health representatives will be attending the Thirtieth Meeting of the Council on Human and Social Development (COHSOD) and will focus on matters such as infectious diseases, chemical risk and  thermo-nuclear risk management. Officials will meet on 23 September, while Ministers will have their discussions 24-25 September, 2016.

Discussions will also be held on the Caribbean Cooperation in Health. Priorities and Regional Public Goods, Management and Governance as well as Resourcing the way forward will be addressed.

In relation to HIV/AIDS, the Region’s achievements in relation to the elimination of mother-to-child transmission of HIV will be addressed. Following the recently commemorated Caribbean Wellness Week, where non-communicable diseases was topical over the past few years, this matter will once again be discussed. New initiatives for preventing NCDs and treatment methods will be explored.

Officials and Ministers will also hear a proposal from the Bjorn Steiger Foundation on a measure that can help to strengthen the Region’s response to health emergencies. The system is expected to help the Region to develop more comprehensive and competent responses to emergency situations such as national disasters and accidents.

A report on zika, yellow fever vaccination requirements, and Regional food security challenges will also be presented to the Meeting.

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