Jamaican agri-preneur makes bees his business

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The Youth and Agriculture Programmes at the CARICOM Secretariat are collaborating to have a Youth Pavilion during the upcoming Caribbean Week of Agriculture in the Cayman Islands,  24-28 October 2016. There will be ten youth entrepreneurs exhibiting at the Youth Pavilion during the CWA.

As promised, we are highlighting the youth who will be participating in the exhibition.

Today’s agri-preneur is Duhaje Jennings who has been making bees his business for nine years. Dada B’s is a bee production business that currently has 10 apiary sites. Most of the products are sold wholesale to middle men who supply hotels. The remaining products are sold to supermarkets and small shops.  Currently there are two full-time employees who assist in all aspects of the operation except marketing and sales.

Duhaje’s vision for Dada B’s is to make it one of the Caribbean’s largest agricultural producer and food manufacturer. He says it mission is to to provide value-added agricultural products in response to a growing world-wide demand.

Duhaje attributes his success in bee-keeping to innovative ways of production and marketing. He says he sees a vast potential for expansion both locally and overseas.

The current strategy is to increase production to take on larger markets. Another strategy to be implemented is to produce other products to get more shelf space,” says Jennings.

To remain relevant, he plans to continue research and maintain a first mover advantage in several areas. He says as the market changes, the business will adapt, and, according to him, this dynamic approach should translate into relevance and sustainability.

You may contact Dada B’s via Facebook. Feel free to check out Duhaje’s booth at the Youth Pavilion at the CWA!

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