Renowned Lucian writer and poet to ‘Rap on Reparations’ on International Creole Day

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Vladimir Lucien will be the main speaker at Friday’s Youth Forum at the Castries City Hall

A leading young Caribbean writer will take the message behind CARICOM’s quest for Reparations from Britain and Europe for Slavery and Native Genocide to his peers there this weekend, when he talks to them on ‘Why Reparations Matter’

The world will on Friday comemorate International Creole Day, observed every October 28 by the many countries worldwide where the same French-based Creole (Kwéyol) is spoken.

On that day, youth and students in St.Lucia will gather at the Castries City Hall auditorium to hear about, learn and discuss the connection between Reparations and the island’s widely-spoken indigenous Kwéyol tongue.

The main speaker at the Friday Youth Forum, Vladimir Lucien, is described in literary circles as “a writer, actor and critic.” He is also seen and pointed to by acknowledged visionaries, as one to watch very closely.

This young Caribbean writer’s accolades outstrip his age. As if born to be a bard, he has taken the world of words by quiet storm.

Growing-up on the same rock of sages that produced Derek Walcott and Arthur Lewis, Lucien is far from the age of a sage. Indeed, some of the youth attending will also be his students, not too far less his age.

Lucien’s storehouse of literary talent is what led the island’s National Reparations Committee (NRC) to ask him to ‘Rap on Reparations’ with fellow young Saint Lucians at the City Hall CARICOM Reparations Youth Forum.

The Forum is one of three activities being hosted in Saint Lucia this weekend in observance of October as Creole Heritage Month. Under the theme ‘No Development Without Justice – Reparations For Us All!’ the NRC will also host a CARICOM Reparations Baton Relay and a related Youth Rally on Saturday, October 29, also in Castries.


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