PM Mitchell returned to power in Grenada – News Reports

Landslide victory for Dr. Keith Mitchell and the New National Party (NNP) of Grenada (Photo via Caribbean News Service)
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News reports out of Grenada are that Dr. the Hon. Keith Mitchell and his New National Party (NNP) won a landslide victory at elections held today.

Caribbean News Service is reporting that the NNP won all 15 seats. According to the news outfit, Dr. Mitchell said on radio that it was a “humbling experience and feeling.”

CANA News Online said it was the third time that Dr Mitchell had achieved the feat of sweeping the seats.

“It feels good, the people of my country (have) shown the level of confidence in the way I have governed, it is a humbling experience,” CANA News Online quoted Mitchell as saying after the preliminary results showed that the party had swept all the seats in Parliament.

“Whatever achievement we have had I first have to give thanks to Almighty God and the people of this country,” Mitchell said, adding that the election was the “most stress free I have ever had in my 34 years in politics.

According to CANA News Online, Mitchell said that unlike 2013 when he won the general election and had no idea as to the state of the local economy, this time around, “I don’t feel the pressure because I am in the seat and I know what the plans are.

“Therefore I feel very confident I will meet the aspirations of the people of this country,” he said, noting however that “to whom a lot is given, a lot is expected.”

A CARICOM Election Observer Mission monitored today’s activities. The Mission, led by Ms. Pauline Welsh of the Electoral Office of Jamaica, will issue a Preliminary Statement outlining its initial assessment of the process, followed by a full final report.


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