Meet Ruth Spencer, CARICOM Energy Month Personality Award nominee

Ruth Spencer (Photo via EAG Antigua)
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Today, we begin presenting the nominees for the CARICOM Energy Month Personality Award. The inaugural energy Personality Award aims to  recognise someone who has made, or is making, an exceptional contribution to a sustainable energy future in the Region.

There are seven nominees and they were profiled by Panos Caribbean. We will feature the nominees from today until 13 June. The winner will be announced subsequently.

Today, we feature Ms. Ruth Spencer of Antigua and Barbuda.

Entrepreneur and winner of the 2015 Energy Globe Award for Antigua and Barbuda, Ruth Spencer has spearheaded a movement favouring the adoption of solar energy, while at the same time promoting this energy conversion as a multi-faceted solution to the development problems faced by this two-island nation. Harnessing solar power is a means of adapting to climate change and embracing a green economy through a community-centred approach aimed at enhancing education, promoting good environmental behaviour and offering income-generating opportunities.

Please see full profile of CEM Personality Award Nominee – Ruth Spencer

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