Meet Angella Rainford – CARICOM Energy Month Personality Award nominee

Angella Rainford
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Today, we continue to present the nominees for the CARICOM Energy Month Personality Award. The inaugural energy Personality Award aims to  recognise someone who has made, or is making, an exceptional contribution to a sustainable energy future in the Region.

There are seven nominees and they were profiled by Panos Caribbean. We will feature the nominees until 13 June. The winner will be announced subsequently.

Today, we feature Ms. Angella Rainford of Jamaica.

An investment professional, Angella Rainford has put her experience from the world of finance and business to give back to her native Jamaica. She has secured both the land and funding for a 37MW solar-power utility capable of producing clean energy, employing local people (including women) and reducing the country’s energy bill. Dynamic and versatile (she has a pilot’s licence and plays the piano), full of curiosity for the world surrounding us (as proved by her travels around the globe, including solo backpacking from China to Pakistan), Ms. Rainford is a role model for women and young girls, an advocate of gender equality and an achiever who knows how to combine business, environmental sustainability and community participation.

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