Meet Dr. Indra Haraksingh – CARICOM Energy Personality Award nominee

Dr. Indra Haraksingh
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Today, we continue to present the nominees for the CARICOM Energy Month Personality Award. The inaugural Energy Personality Award aims to  recognise someone who has made, or is making, an exceptional contribution to a sustainable energy future in the Region.

There are seven nominees and they were profiled by Panos Caribbean. We will feature the nominees until 13 June. The winner will be announced subsequently.

Today, we feature Dr Indra Haraksingh of Trinidad and Tobago.

An ardent defender of education as a means towards righting society’s ills and a vocal proponent of academia’s inclusion in solutions to address climate change, Dr. Indra Haraksingh is a professor of physics at the University of the West Indies (UWI). At the Saint Augustine campus, she has put her convictions to the test, creating a programme dedicated to renewable energy technologies with the objective of training young professionals capable of modifying the Caribbean’s energy landscape, proposing local – and potentially innovative – solutions to global problems and focusing on green applications for the region’s two economic mainstays: agriculture and tourism.

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