Meet Joshua Hunte – CARICOM Energy Personality Award nominee

Joshua Hunte
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Today, we continue to present the nominees for the CARICOM Energy Month Personality Award. The inaugural energy Personality Award aims to  recognise someone who has made, or is making, an exceptional contribution to a sustainable energy future in the Region.

There are seven nominees and they were profiled by Panos Caribbean. We will feature the nominees until 13 June. The winner will be announced subsequently.

Today, we feature Joshua Hunte of Barbados.

Meticulous and methodical in his approach to the difficulties life reserves for everyone, Joshua Hunte has applied the same attitude to his work: instead of being overwhelmed by the scope of his undertaking, he has divided it into manageable steps and is making impressive inroads towards bringing solar power solutions to the energy needs of his native Barbados, and by extension to the Caribbean region. Mr Hunte’s story is one of someone who is passionate about renewable energy, for all the right reasons, because, in his own words: “it is a viable business, it saves money, and it saves the planet, all in one breath”.

Please see full profile of CEM Personality Award nominee – Joshua Hunte

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